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What is a LoveLexicon?

First things first – les’s define what this animal is all about.

Your Love Lexicon is a unique set of questions that you want to ask your future soul mate. Find the right one for you based on the answers given! Allow yourself a different experience in the process of finding new people.


      1. What is your name?

      2. How old are you?

      3. What movies you like?

      4. What is your opinion about a certain topic?

      5. How would you react if ….?

      6. Give me some thoughts about…?

      7. Give a description of your perfect type?

      …… and so on, and so on….

You can have as many questions in one lexicon as you want and as many lexicons as you want.

If your are interested to learn more, you can visit our next article “How to publish your first LoveLexicon?” or jump directly to link below and Join our Community.

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