How to publish your LoveLexicon feature

How to publish your first LoveLexicon?

Publishing your first Love Lexicon takes you one step closer to your future soul mate. Once it is published the others will see it and answer it.

If you already know “What is a LoveLexicon?”, it’s time to learn how to publish one!

1. Step One – Register or Log in

Go to the home page of the forum and find section “Publish your Love Lexicons here”. You must be a registered and logged in user in order to proceed with the instructions below!

If you don’t have an account yet, you can register here or else just log in to your existing account. Everything that MyLoveLex Forum offers is FREE, you don’t have to pay anything to join and interact with our community!

2. Step Two – Choose the right section for you

Next, you have to decide the type of audience you want to have and choose the forum you want to publish in your Love Lexicon.

Currently there are two places that you can do so – “From Men” for love lexicons created from men and “From Women” for lexicons created from women. Pretty simple, isn’t it 🙂

3. Step Three – Publish

Once you decide where you want to publish your LoveLexicon, enter the forum and click on “Add Topic”. Here you can ask your questions and later on get answers in your private message box.

!!! IMPORTANT !!! 

The name of the topic is up to you, but our suggestion is to use the most provocative question that you have or the one wich answer is the most wanted from you. 

The main idea of MyLoveLex Forum is to get users to send their answers in private messages by copying the questions and filling their answers in a private message to the creator of the lexicon, but there will be always people who will answer publicly just by pasting their answers as a reply directly in the topic. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you just want to recieve only private answers, please contact us here and send us the link of your topic. We will close the topic and the only way for people to answer your questions will be through your profile via private message.

Now that you already know how to publish your first Love Lexicon, we hope that you gather enough courage and do so – feel free to join our community using the button below and start getting answers.

In case that you wonder “How to answer an existing lexicon?” – read our next article here.

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