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How to answer an existing LoveLexicon?

We guess you already know “What is a LoveLexicon?” and “How to publish one?”, so let’s talk about the final step – the abillity to answer existing lexicons, created from other people. That is the magic that we want to create!

The way we want this Lexicon system to work is to give you the chance to ask your questions and have the answers privately sent in your profile private messages. 

For this to happen if you want to answer a LoveLexicon questions, please follow the steps bellow:

      1. Find a Lexicon that you want to give an answer to.

      2. Copy the questions.

      3. Open the profile of the author of the Lexicon

      4. Click on “Private message” and paste the questions there. Go through each question and fill in the answer you want to give. This way the only one that will be able to see your answers is the author of the Lexion.

If you choose to answer directly as a reply to the topic in wich a LoveLexicon is posted everyone will be able to see your answers.

Answering existing love lexicon gives it’s owner a chance to know you better and easily discover common features between you.

We hope this is a good explanation of the way LoveLexicons work. If you have questions, please ask here, so we can answer publicly and everyone else will be able to have more information and proccess will be much more pleasant for everyone.

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