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How dating apps have changed dating?

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    What is dating? Let’s dive a little bit into this term.

    The most common definition of the term “dating” is a trial period during which two individuals decide whether or not to pursue a more permanent relationship; In this meaning, dating refers to the time when people are physically together in public, as opposed to the time when they are planning the date, whether by email, text, or phone correspondence.

    Another definition of dating is a period in a person’s life during which he or she is actively seeking romantic relationships with other people. When two unmarried celebrities are seen in public together, they are commonly referred to as “dating,” implying that they were seen together in public and it is unclear if they are just friends, exploring a more intimate relationship, or romantically connected.

    What is the purpose of dating?

    One of the most important goals of dating is for two or more individuals to assess each other’s suitability as a long-term partner or husband/wife. Long before the industrial age, human communities used the crop and animal rising as their main way to sustain life. This alone needs numbers to succeed, not counting the constant fight to survive diseases and casualties of war. Therefore it can be safely said that the main goal of dating is to give a chance for two individuals to create family and offspring so that the society will have more people to build around. Starting from farming, hunting, fighting, teaching, leading, curing, all aspects of building a community that is working and producing benefits needs people.

    How dating priorities have changed?

    In 1800, the crude birth rate in the United States was 48.3 live births per thousand people, which meant that 4.8 percent of the population was born that year. The crude birth rate increased from 46.5 to 54.7 between 1815 and 1825 (perhaps as a result of Florida becoming a part of the United States, but this is questionable), but then gradually decreased until reaching 19.2 in 1935. The United States witnessed a baby boom in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, with the birth rate peaking at 24.1 in 1955 before decreasing until 1980. The fall in the birth rate has slowed since the 1980s, and it is predicted to slow even more in future.

    Statistic: Crude birth rate in the United States from 1800 to 2020* | Statista
    Find more statistics at Statista

    The statistic shows that the birth rate is going down, contrary to the technological progress of the world. The survival of the society no longer requires that much brute force to work, to hunt or to farm. Farming and providing food is becoming more and more part of the big business and globalization of services take away the place of the little farms, shops or trading centers. Not only this, but the social values, gender self-determination, perception of marriage and sexual emancipation have also changed during time.

    Everything is part of one big chain and dating priorities are no exception. If once upon a time in many places, the marriage was a social norm and if two people live together without being married, they were considered exceptions and the society was looking differently at them, now things does not stand the same way (of course there are still places that keeps the above mentioned understanding, but they are becoming less and less).

    Dating before dating apps.

    Nightclubs, libraries, interest clubs, social events, random conversations, school institutions, courses, dating events, different cultural and regional events… All of these were and still are places that people can meet, get to know each other, get emotional, express feelings in real world and start or break relationships.

    The appearance of the dating apps and social networks though changed that to a point where “the old way” of doing things have become almost impossible and so much effort demanding.

    The lack of exposure of the people to “the old ways” and the need of social approval from the virtual space has brought many problems, such as social anxiety, low confidence and self-esteem problems, socialization in the virtual world and desocialization in the real, unrealistic perception of beauty and behavior standards…

    All of these after the big entrance of social networks and applications in our lives.

    Dating after dating apps

    Grindr and Scruff, dating applications for gay men, were introduced in 2009 and 2010, respectively, to assist single men connect by looking for other active users within a certain geographic radius. Tinder, which was launched in 2012 and quickly became the most popular dating software on the market, allowed iPhone owners of all sexualities to start looking for love, sex, or casual dating. But it wasn’t until the following year that Tinder expanded to Android phones, and eventually to more than 70% of cellphones worldwide, that the massive shift in dating culture began to take root.

    Following that, a slew of new dating applications appeared on the scene. In terms of how humans seek and pursue possible partners, the relationship economy has changed, but what people are searching for is much the same as it has always been: companionship and/or sexual fulfilment. Meanwhile, the underlying issues of being “single and seeking,” or single and looking for something, haven’t gone away: loneliness along with it’s risks and benefits, boredom, and the roller coaster of hope and disappointment. They’ve merely morphed into a different shape.

    However, dating outside of one’s normal social setting has its drawbacks. “People who don’t have a lot in common with their love relationships are more likely to break up or divorce. Indeed, several daters deplore the notion that meeting on the apps equates to dating in a vacuum.

    By contrast, in the “traditional model” of dating, the circumstances under which two people met naturally could provide at least some common ground. Because of the relative anonymity of dating apps, the social separation between most people who match on them—has also made the environment that the dating occurs has become ruder, flakier, and crueler. If you go on a date with your cousin’s roommate, for example, the roommate has a vested interest in not being a jerk to you. With apps  – you are meeting someone you probably don’t know and probably don’t have any ties with in a place whre you probably would not be. That’s a little strange, because it means there’s more room for individuals to be silly and rude.

    There are a plethora of other subtle ways in which people believe dating is different now that Tinder exists. Some suggest that the visual-heavy structure of dating apps promotes people to choose mates more superficially (and with racial or sexual stereotypes in mind); others counter that people choose relationships based on physical attraction even without Tinder. There are equally persuasive claims that dating apps have made dating both more and less awkward by allowing matches to get to know each other remotely before meeting face-to-face—which may often result in a strange, anxious first few minutes of a first date.

    The positive aspects of online dating or with dating app

    • A larger number of men and women You can narrow down your search to fit your demands by looking at the many profiles that have been shared online;
    • You’ll be able to learn a lot about your ideal date before meeting them;
    • Online dating allows you to broaden your horizons by allowing you to connect with people who are outside of your comfort zone. We learn more about ourselves and our likes and dislikes as a result of these exchanges;
    • You can use parameters to narrow down your searches.

    The negative aspects of online dating or with dating app

    • Risk of meeting a dishonest person who creates a profile on a dating site solely to defraud other members by claiming to be in need of assistance and asking for money in exchange;
    • After paying your membership fee, you discover that the website has insufficient members, making it extremely difficult to meet someone;
    • You could fall in love with someone who lives thousands of miles away;
    • There’s nothing like the thrill of making a real connection;
    • It’s possible that the experience will become addicted;
    • Low Self-Confidence. Many dating websites are based on the concept of likes. If someone likes or thumbs up your profile, they will hit the like or thumbs up button. Someone who receives few likes may become depressed as a result of this. It may even cause a person to doubt their physical appearance. The most essential thing to keep in mind is not to take yourself too seriously;
    • Effects on Mental Health. People’s online comments can be unpleasant, and some of them may even be considered cyberbullying. Because of the anonymity factor, it has become far too easy to make derogatory comments on a stranger’s dating profile without facing any consequences. These remarks can have a significant psychological influence on the people who read them.


    It’s impossible to say that online dating is wholly negative; similarly, it’s impossible to say that it’s entirely favorable. It is certainly a mix of both its various advantages and disadvantages, but we must recognize that in some instances, one of these outweighs the other. As a result, the social and geographical setting and context of online dating has a significant impact on how the system ultimately performs.

    It also goes into great detail on whether or not it will be harmful to either of the parties involved. However, it is critical to note that it is also the responsibility of the parties involved to take all reasonable efforts to avoid getting themselves into any unpleasant situations, as the blame will almost certainly fall on them in the end.

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