Online communities for lonely people

The Best 12 online communities for lonely people!

Nowadays you can find almost everything online – information, services, different kinds of stores, social media, and communities for every type of interest or hobby.

Even though there is so much information out there, have you ever felt like you are all alone in your niche or situation? Like there is no place where you can feel that you truly belong.

In order to help lonely people to find places where they can get support from, we have made research and decided that we should put a list with a short description, to make it easy to decide whether or not you want to join.


Depending on the type of platform that is used, we have separated the list into the following two categories:

  • Forums
  • Social media groups and spaces

Different places serve different purposes, even though they revolve around the same theme. That’s why are going to give you more information about each one of the places according to the category that they belong to.


  1. MyLoveLex –a platform where you can find new people by publishing a list of questions (a LoveLexicon) and getting your answers directly in a private message!

We provide the means to find new people in a different way as we stand behind the motto “Thoughts first, Looks second“!

Discuss all the different topics that may get you excited, frustrated, sad, or lonely. Share your thoughts, ask questions and/or give answers to others.

  1. ALonelyLifeLoneliness, Depression & Relationship Forum.

A place where you may discuss various topics such as loneliness, relationships, social problems, shyness, and depression, as well as share personal progress, motivate others, and offer help to others.

  1. Mental Health Forum – a place where you may talk about your mental health problems honestly and anonymously.

Anxiety, bipolar, borderline personality, depression, eating disorders, hearing voices, OCD, panic disorder, personality disorders, phobia, PTSD, schizophrenia, self-harm, social anxiety and many more topics are discussed there.

  1. Gingerbread –a place for single parents to connect 24/7 – to chat, and give and receive support. Gingerbread provides resources to assist single parents in providing for their families.
  1. LoveShak – an online community for interpersonal relationship counseling and support that addresses personal difficulties, encourages self-discovery and responsibility, and provides a forum for sharing dating ideas, love advice, and relationship resources.
  1. Able2Know – ask questions and share answers on different topics such as relationships, love, sex, spirituality, dating, philosophy, health, and many more

Social media groups and spaces

  1. LonersFacebook group with info “If you feel alone, lacking or avoiding the company of others and it’s all ur choice”;
  1. Lonely Singles that are Ready to MingleFacebook group with info “This group is mainly for those that are single and ready for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage. Please let’s respect people’s emotion and don’t try to toil with anybody’s feeling by bringing them into the relationship that you know it’s only for your own pleasure, we won’t be unfortunate oo. Stay blessed as you’re faithful and real and enjoy your time here on the group with us”;
  1. Lonely SoulsFacebook group with info “We welcome Lonely Souls who are trying to find their place in a world of rejection, depression, dejection and despair. Even if you don’t fit in, if you feel you don’t belong to someone, family or friends, as long as you’re one of us, we are here to find hope in each other. You may not matter to everyone….but to us, your life is worth it.”;
  1. Loneliness – Quora space with info “Rant about loneliness and anxiety here. You can rant about your life and people that have hurt you. You can find help here. This is a space for people who have been suffering from anxiety and want to make friends.”;
  1. Experiences of loneliness – Quora space with info “Everything about loneliness and how to live with it.”;
  1. Lonely – Reddit community with info “A sub for all the lonely people. Everyone is welcome here, no matter your age, race, sex, sexuality, relationship status, all that we request is that you be accepting of people, and kind. Any problems at all, please let the moderators know.”

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MyLoveLex is a platform where you can find new people by publishing a list of questions (a LoveLexicon) and getting your answers directly in a private message! No more swiping left or right.

We provide the means to find new people in a different way as we stand behind the motto

“Thoughts first, Looks second”!

Our Blog and Forum are the best places for people who want to find their other half by not just swiping to the right, but by putting in the effort to get to know the other side better by asking questions and getting answers before anything else. This way you can establish a strong bond not just physically, but mentally as well!

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