Different way to find new people!

About This Platform

What is MyLoveLex?

MyLoveLex is a platform where you can find new people by publishing a list of questions (a LoveLexicon) and getting your answers directly in a private message! No more swiping left or right.

We provide the means to find new people in a different way as we stand behind the motto “Thoughts first, Looks second”!

Our Blog and Forum are the best places for people who want to find their other half by not just swiping to the right, but by putting in the effort to get to know the other side better by asking questions and getting answers before anything else. This way you can establish a strong bond not just physically, but mentally as well!

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What makes the difference?

What IS?

  • Your Love Lexicon is a list of questions that you can publish in the forum. After you publish it, the others will be able to see it, copy the questions and answer them directly in a private message.
  • It’s a place where nobody will swipe you left or right!
  • It’s a place where you get the answers to your questions privately!
  • It’s a given chance for someone to know you based on your way of thinking and the interest you have! “Thoughts first, Looks second”!
  • It’s a place where people don’t filter the others by age, skin, fashion, nationality…

What is NOT?

  • It’s not a place to trash others!
  • It’s not a way to make your private parts public!
  • It’s not a “Best photo session” contest!
  • It’s not a “Pay to Win” game!
  • It’s not a social network group, where the first comment answers with a question, the second comment hates the question, the third comment hates the second and from 100 comments barely 10 makes common sense!
  • It’s not for people who don’t want to pay more than 10 seconds of attention and their thumbs or clicks are on automatic mode!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How to answer an existing LoveLexicon?
    Answering existing love lexicon gives it’s owner a chance to know you better and easily discover common features between you.
  • How to publish your first LoveLexicon?
    Publishing your first Love Lexicon takes you one step closer to your future soul mate. Once it is published the others will see it and answer it.
  • What is a LoveLexicon?
    Your Love Lexicon is a unique set of questions that you want to ask your future soul mate. Find the right one for you based on the answers given!